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Digestive is a general purpose 3d library written in C++ that originally was primary developed as a pipeline tool to assist in the management of massive scale 3D scenes, although it’s functionality has surpassed original expectations and includes many features that allow it to be used for a wider range of tasks including the creation of key scene elements.


Some main features of digestive include:

• Renderman orientated and inspired scene structure
• Object reference counting system
• 3D Graphics orientated Maths class types and functions
• Basic particle system
• Simple interface for curve primitive creation
• Basic Polygon creation and editing interface
• Particle to Blobbies (metaballs) tool
• Curves to extruded polygon tubes tool
• Curve growing tool (Wires)
• Curves to polygon slice tool
• Semi automatic 3D motion Blur
• Level of detail objects
• Procedural primitive and data support
• Camera and light attribute tools
• Simple OBJ 3D scene importer
• Plug-in based scene export system

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